Laminate Porcelain Applications

It includes sticking a porcelain layer, which is prepared in required color, size and form only as thick as nail into the tooth's front face.
Laminate Porcelain Applications.

Such porcelain covering materials are 0.3 -0.5 thick and have light transmittance. They are specially designed for tooth and placed into the tooth with utmost diligence and compliance.

We have developed and have been using a new technique, which doesn't cause corrosion on teeth with porcelain laminate.

Points to Consider

It is such a fragile technique that it requires a good clinical and laboratory work. Both the dentist and dental technician should have necessary technical knowledge and sense of aesthetics also.

Treatment Period

Laboratory stage lasts 4 days. It can be used like natural teeth for long years as long as good mouth care is provided. The pictures below are for information only.