Laminate Porcelain Applications

It includes sticking a porcelain layer, which is prepared in required color, size and form only as thick as nail into the tooth's front face.

Such porcelain covering materials are 0.3 -0.5 thick and have light transmittance. They are specially designed for tooth and placed into the tooth with utmost diligence and compliance.

We have developed and have been using a new technique, which doesn't cause corrosion on teeth with porcelain laminate.

Points to Consider

It is such a fragile technique that it requires a good clinical and laboratory work. Both the dentist and dental technician should have necessary technical knowledge and sense of aesthetics also.

Treatment Period

Laboratory stage lasts 4 days. It can be used like natural teeth for long years as long as good mouth care is provided. The pictures below are for information only.

You can straighten your teeth without wearing bracelets and cutting them. Because the laminates made with precise methods can be so thin that your teeth can now be corrected without any damage.
It is now possible to laugh with Hollywood smile thanks to the full porcelain aesthetic treatment that is done in just 4 days without damaging the teeth.

Laminate Porcelain Procedures (Dental veneers):

It is the process of adhering a specially prepared porcelain layer in nail thickness, desired color, length and form to the front face of the tooth.
These porcelain coatings have an average thickness of 0.3 - 0.8 and have light transmittance. They are prepared and placed on an existing tooth with perfect harmony and precision. With the new technique we have developed and used, no abrasion is generally done for the teeth which is corrected with laminate.

Stages of the Procedure:

It is a very sensitive technique. It requires good clinical and laboratory work. Technical knowledge, aesthetic appearance and ability of the dentist and dental technician should be developed on this subject.

Session 1: The patient's teeth are cleaned, the tooth color is selected and the measurement is taken.

Session 2: The prepared porcelain veneers are adhered directly to the tooth enamel with special adhesives on the surface of the tooth. The application is made for each tooth individually and the interfaces of the teeth can be cleaned with dental floss.

Treatment Time:
The laboratory stage of the treatment is 4 days. With good oral care, it can be used for years like your own tooth.

To whom is it applied?

  • To people with broken or crooked teeth
  • To people with level and color difference between their teeth
  • To people with a gap between their teeth
  • To people who has worn out surfaces of their teeth due to incorrect brushing.
  • To people who are not satisfied with the color of their teeth
  • To people who are not satisfied with the shape of their teeth (long, short, small teeth)
  • To people whose teeth gum appear more than normal when they smile