Dental implants have been rapidly introduced to modern life since 1990’s, and they marked an era in dentistry.


Thanks to this, many patients can use implant supported dentures that are functional, healthy and aesthetic than removable dentures. For this reason, patients must be guided accurately and sufficiently by dentists, and information pollution should be stopped. Though a wide topic, some basic information is available below about implants.

diş implantimplant diş

Dental implants are screws that are placed into the alveolar bone by simulating the tooth root to compensate for the missing teeth aesthetically and functionally. They are mostly made of titanium, which is a non-allergic metal. Though surface features differ greatly, the main objective in all implants is to ensure healthy osseointegration with the bone they are implanted and then putting a load on them for their functioning in the shortest time.

Dental implantsImplant surgery

Implant surgery can be performed comfortably as long as the clinic is sterile. In addition, surgeon's experience and theoretical knowledge and denture specialist's planning bring the best outcome. It is a brief and painless operation followed by a comfortable remission period. Surgery is made under local anesthesia. After removing the soft tissue flap on the alveolar bone, an implant house is prepared with suitable size on the bone by using implant drills, and the implant is placed into the house. There is a screw house within the implant also; fixing healing cap or gingiva former is placed here.

implant çeşitleri

Upon completion of osseointegration in 2 months in the lower jaw and 3 months in the upper jaw, the healing cap or gingiva former on the implant is replaced with abutment, and measurement is taken. Abutment is a connecting piece on which denture is placed. Due to the recent developments, the period of 2 and 3 months needed for osseointegration is even shorter. Following osseointegration of the implant, dentures in correct sizes are produced in the laboratory and finally applied to the patient's mouth.

diş implant uygulama

After the implant operation, patients should see the dentist every 6 months for the implant's health. Implants can be applied to adults at any age. Those having a systemic disease without control, having active bone diseases and smoking heavily are not eligible patients for implant operation. Physicians should make the final decision.