Orthognathic Surgery

Nearly 20 % of the whole population is affected from dentofacial deformities.
Orthognathic Surgery.

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Dentofacial deformities are malformations in the face or mouth. They develop inborn or due to trauma or diseases, and cause functional and aesthetic problems at differing levels. Such problems may affect many craniofacial structures except for the jaw. It can be one sided or two sided; vertical or horizontal.

The aim of orthognathic surgery is to diagnose, plan treatment and finally treat malformations of soft tissue of jaws, tooth-jaw and skeletal system.yumuşak doku

For an efficient orthognathic surgery; oral and maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist and dentist should work in good cooperation. Every doctor in the team should make accurate diagnosis, plan the treatment process, apply necessary treatments and consult with the other doctors when needed.

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Orthognathic surgery contains a long treatment process; therefore, patients are required to be informed well before starting the treatment. It is crucial for a successful treatment process that the patient is motivated at every stage of the treatment.

As a consequence of the treatment, surprisingly positive improvement is seen on the face and around the face, and psychosocial improvements are recorded in patients. This, in turn, helps them to be much more influential and successful in their career and social life all the time.

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