Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening.

Teeth whitening can be performed in two different ways.

Office type whitening

It is completed in 1 or 2 sessions under the control of a dentist. After applying the whitening material to the teeth, it remains for 1 hour under the light source.

As a consequence, teeth become whiter and cleaner.

Keeping white depends on the patient's eating habits, toothbrush, repeating the application on time and the dentist’s control.

Domestic Type Whitening

For this, the dentist prepares plaques perfectly fitting into the teeth, gives the whitening agent to the patient, so that s/he can repeat the whitening process in 4 or 5 consecutive days. Later, s/he can keep teeth white also.

According to the coloration in teeth, first office type and then domestic type whitening can be applied in a combined way.

Whitening proportion of the teeth is the same for both options.

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